Handmade with love and care in Mullumbimby near Byron Bay 'Lally & Me' create an eclectic range of unique and beautiful jewellery from vintage and antique items. Whether crafted from old typewriters and glass buttons or sheet music and watch mechanisms each piece, by its very nature can not help but be unique.

Their eco-philosophy works on the principle of adding as few new items as possible into the world. Instead they give new life to what already exists in order to create beautiful jewellery in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way. The results speak for themselves.

The makers and creators of this diverse range of eco-jewellery are husband and wife team, Lally Marshall and Mikey Rosato. Lally and Mikey met many moons ago while working for Greenpeace in Sydney. Eco-Citizens in name and nature they are currently taking a hiatus from 'activist' service to juggle the worlds of parenting and working from home. Their grand finale with Greenpeace was the 2005 “Stop Whaling” expedition to Antarctica where Mikey hit the global headlines when he stood on the back of a harpooned whale in protest.

Ten years after their stars first collided they are still partners in life, love and adventure and are now accompanied on their life- journey by their two children.




Whether its a pair of typewriter key cufflinks with your initials or a stunning piece of jewellery made from your family silver, just let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to make it a reality.